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Dark Dream Chronicle

Dark Dream Chronicle is an Alternate Reality Game based around the Rebellion against the Master.

...and then they died.


Timeline, Terminology

Dark Dream Chronicle, MunenanyAcchibl, Links

Theurgy, Alchemy, Relics, Trinkets, Soul Masks

Inside Jokes, Fanart

The RebellionEdit

KarmA, Darkness, The Laughing Clown

Vadiir, Michelle Mason, Alexis Morris

LastLord, TheUWAL


The CommunesEdit

The Gentleman, White Masks, The Linked

Central Story Communes, Hive Communes, Other Communes

The International Guild of TheurgesEdit

Circle of Lords: Gregory Mason

Circle of Apprentices: Ezekiel Fox

Other People of NoteEdit

The Horror, Zeus





Latest activityEdit

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