The Fatal Cross Mask of KarmA

Real name

Mark Axton


23rd June, 1987


Fatal Cross



Theurgy types

Ignis, Aqua

KarmA is arguably the main character of this large and complicated story. He is strong, dependable and most of all, he enjoys mocking his enemy.

KarmA has primarily used Ignitheurgy in the past, but recent training under a man known only as Darkness has given him immunity to the effects of water and the ability to use Aquatheurgy.

To this day, he still has not fully accepted the power of the Fatal Cross Mask, which shows in the pattern of the mask being messy and disjointed.

Early LifeEdit

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Camping TripEdit

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Teen YearsEdit

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Early AdulthoodEdit

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Descent Into MadnessEdit

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KarmA the ShadeEdit

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