Oh yes, we do have our own towels.

[The] [U]topia [W]as [A] [L]ieEdit

Pronunciation- The You Wall (IPA: ðə'juːwɔːl)

TheUWAL is a little secret project ServoMascherato and Neoplayer2 came up with. Its intentions were to warn KarmA about anything possible, whether it be attacks or kidnappings, or even plots set by the Inner Circle against him. We are here to help him, and can do so under this alias without the fear of being disconnected from the Inner Circle. That's it in a nutshell.

This idea was formed after the encounter with the big boss guy. He said that he wants to create a utopia for mankind, and then stated before the death of the host ShadowLeaves that it should be noted he was a liar. The Linked altogether agreed, once ShadowLeaves had logged off and it was safe to speak, his statements about creating a utopia were false. And thus Servo worked on getting this together.

TheUWAL is not one person. It is the Linked working together in secret. There had been six original members of it, there coincidentally being six members of the Inner Circle as well. They were ServoMascherato, MsSynclair, Neoplayer2, BrochachoNacho, Not!Doctor, and Pardicolor.

There are not any 'Official' rules for it. It does not have a hierarchy-system. Everyone must respect and treat one another the same as they would like to be treated. It is not allowed to be run by one separate person. A majority vote must be taken before any action is commenced, and a majority of at least four people must witness and agree upon the action suggested to take place. No one is allowed to send a message that has not gone under scrutiny of the group, as some ideals may not be considered best.

KarmA had been warned once before when he was still referred to as Mark. It was about an attack that was scheduled onto his place, and after alerted, he made it out of there before they got to him. The Inner Circle had distrusted the Linked, as they and the Circle had been the only ones to know about what was going to happen. Communication had been cut off for a week. But TheUWAL survived.

TheUWAL is there for when the Linked want to help. It is there for when KarmA needs inside information that the Linked know. It is safety.

Publicly, we are the Enemies. Inwardly, we are the Allies.