The Linked are a group under the LinkedLeader, who had originally brought together 10 linked under the instruction of Vadiir (Then known as Munenany). These ten were given bit and pieces of a code to decode and discuss. Since then very few of the original ten remain, however quite a few more have joined in to take their place.

The linked do not serve much purpose, other than to watch. They are more toys than allies, and are merely Aware. Linked do however have the ability to become Chosen, and two, LastLord/Doc and WhiteDress/Bro have since done so. Doc, however, has become UnChosen with the help of a theurgic bomb. They also can have the ability to manipulate possible outcomes due to being Aware. If one side were to hint at attacking another, the Linked would be able to warn the other side before it happened.

Active Linked:Edit

  • MsSynclair [LinkedLeader]
  • CurtainC
  • Guitar23
  • Midtime
  • Neoplayer2
  • Pardicolor
  • ServoMascherato
  • TheNotDoctor [Re-linked]

Previously Linked:Edit

  • BrochachoNacho [WhiteDress]